Frozen Yogurt ConesOur new machine has arrived and it is a grand one! It delivers the fluffiest white frozen yogurt in down town Everett which is not surprising because LooBelles is THE ONLY SOFT SERVE place in town. Our machine is top of the line and is used in chain fast food places like Dairy queen home of the blizzard!  We serve YoCream brand frozen yogurt mix in both chocolate and vanilla. They are nonfat yogurt blends with low sugar content per serving and occasionally we will be trying out the Greek yogurt blend from YoCream.

We have a NEW and exciting flavor blend called the Wadden system. It adds all the extra flavor you could dream of in one stop! You can design your own yogurt blend or try one of our suggestions. You can have one flavor or two or might even want to mix it with a combination of goodies from our topping bar. The possibilities are endless with the Wadden system and we hope you will come back and try them all.

LooBelles current Flavors:

Flavored Frozen YogurtHere is our current selection of flavors. Remember, you can mix any flavors to suit your tastes!

Fruity Flavors
strawberry, banana, black raspberry, blueberry, black cherry, pina colada, tutti frutti, orange, peach, lemon, blackberry, mango, papaya, pineapple, watermelon, cranberry, apricot, cataloupe, grape, kiwi, lime, pear

Nut Flavors
pistachio, butter pecan, maple nut, almond, coconut, peanut butter

Holiday Flavors
apple pie, peppermint, egg nog, cinnamon, pumpkin, liquor flavors, crème de menthe, amaretto, irish cream, kahlua, rum

Sweet/Candy Flavors
marshmellow, butterscotch, caramel, cotton candy, bubble gum, english toffee, praline, german chocolate, cheesecake

Drink Flavors
Teaberry (light mint-green-tea), root beer, expresso, french vanilla

LooBelles menu:

  • Chocolate and vanilla cone 1.00
  • Flavored cones 1.50
  • Small milk shake 2.00
  • Large milk shake 3.50
  • Raspberry float 4.00
  • Self serve yogurt with toppings .45 cents per oz. includes flavor
  • Protein scoop for shakes .50 cents
  • Waffle bowl 1.00
  • Cold can lemonade 1.00

Loobelles can make your shakes with skim or regular milk depending what your calorie needs may be! If you are watching your calorie intake our small frozen yogurt and shakes are only 100 to 130 calories with low sugar content and NO FAT! But all the taste of creamy ice cream and much healthier than a candy bar. A small cone is only 60-75 calories so no need to walk away deprived…just have a small treat