Gifts TableOur LooBelles store is only 550 square feet in size but it boasts of an abundant of affordable surprises. We have gifts and treats from 10 cents to 10 dollars with the exception of the homemade hats. We wanted to keep things affordable for everyone who just wanted to buy a sweet gift, thank you or remembrance.

Times are tough for many of us but at LooBelles we can put together a nice basket or gift back for any budget.  We also have gift certificates available if you can’t decide on what you would like to give. We make a lot of things but we also order from Ganz and other product lines.  If all you would like is a few pieces of candy; let us tie it up in a ribbon for you or if you want to impress we offer free gift wrapping!





Small net with 17 inch balloon including high-float additive plus helium     Price: $5.00
Large net with 36 inch balloon including high-float additive plus helium     Price: $10.00

You can either bring in a basket and we will fill it or we have small baskets for $2.00-$3.00 or white cardboard basket is $1.00. We are happy to fill it with small gifts or candy of your choice at LooBelles or you can just take it with you and attach it to something you already have at home. It is a great idea for a special center piece or a really unique gift idea! The high float will make the balloon last for up to two weeks if it is not placed in direct sunlight.

We can also decorate your balloon net with various ribbons and bows for a nominal price. We have all colors to choose from {not just pink}.