There is something rather magical about blowing air into a piece of rounded latex, having it rise to the top of your ceiling and catching it with a shiny ribbon before  it floats away to parts unknown.  I remember my parents taking me to a restaurant called “big boys” when I was little. Kids would leave the establishment with one red balloon and a coloring book. I think that is where my love of balloons came from. I coveted my red balloon until it sank slowly in the corner of my bedroom.

I am a forty five year old woman who still loves balloons, so much in fact that I spent the last several weeks hunting the perfect balloons for the shop.  There are thousands to choose from in all sizes and colors. At one point my sweetheart called from the other room, “Luvvy, I think you may have a balloon fetish, you have been searching for hours.”

Perhaps I do.

I suppose that if one watches online videos of Hispanic and Greek men tying balloon butter flies and monkeys while speaking in their native tongue; that may be a bit of a problem for other members of the household who just want to go to bed at half past eleven.

Have you ever noticed a small child’s face light up when they are handed a balloon animal? The sparkle and delight in their little eyes is beyond rewarding for me. Many years ago I lived in and out of a children’s hospital. I had an excess of small mylar balloons that I would blow up and take to the hospital with me. I would either hand them to the attending clinic nurse and let her dole out the magic or I would drop my son off in his room with a nurse and then go room to room and let the Hem/Onc kids pick out a shiny balloon on a long stick. I cherish those memories and all the tiny faces that just glowed with a simple gift like a balloon. I think I did it more for my healing than anything.

So I discovered the greatest balloons awhile back. They are giant and I can get nets that go over them so that they look like a hot air balloon! How PERFECT! I call this balloon nirvana and to think that a small basket can be tied to this filled to the brim with treasures?!

Ahhhh ….the joy.

I have listed the prices on the boutique page just in case you would like to indulge yourself or someone else with a bit of this happiness. If you ever find yourself down and out my suggested remedy is to buy a bag of balloons, go to a park and start blowing and giving them away. The world seems a bit brighter if balloons are present.  When you come into LooBelles you can have one too. I am happy to tie up a pink poodle for you. ..or your child at no cost. It is my little gift to myself actually; just giving away balloons makes me happy.

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